P-Line  1.2cc Diesel Aero Engine
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P-Line 1.2cc Diesel Aero Engine

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Based on the popular Mills P engine this is a new engine is suitable for Control Line & Free Flight powered model aircrafts. Diesel model airplane engines are typically used in vintage planes to keep the model as authentic as possible; such engines were being manufactured long before glow plug technology and so were the first IC engines to be used in radio control flying, having seen great success in free flight models. Diesel engines do not use any form of plug for ignition but instead rely on the fuel/air threaded screw on top of the cylinder head; increasing pressure aids ignition of the fuel/air mixture. The fuel is a special mix that has a high ether content, which is easily ignited. Recommended fuel: Equal proportions of ether, Kerosene and high grade castor oil (2.5%)mixture inside the combustion chamber to ignite from adiabatic heating as the piston moves up and down. The pressure inside the chamber (compression) can be increased or decreased by turning a suitable for Nylon & Wooden propellers.

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