3" Vertical steam pump Casting Set

3" Vertical steam pump Casting Set

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3" Vertical steam pump Casting Set

In these three pumps the layout is the same, having the steam cylinder at the top and the water at the bottom, all working on the same principle. In the steam chest there are two slide valves, the first one operated from the piston rod which passes steam to a shuttle. This shuttle has the second valve attached to it and controls the steam in and out of the cylinder. This is a reliable method of operating the pumps and is self starting from any position. They can be run at a fairly high speed, or slowed down ‘till barely moving. They are all suitable for either steam boats, locomotives and stationary steam plants. On the first sheet of the drawings there is an assembly with all parts itemized along with a parts list. The other sheet or sheets shows details of all the parts to be made.

Due to its size this pump is different from the other two. We have done away with the pivoted valve operating arm and in its place milled cross ports have been employed. The ram of the water cylinder is an extension of the steam piston rod. The other difference is that it is single acting and the two water valves are horizontal. Because of this the two 3 wing valves are kept on their seats by springs.

The pump can also be used as an oil pump. If so the ram at the pump end should be reduced to .187 or .125 inch diameter.


3.1 inches

Steam cylinder

0.5 inch dia.


1.1 inches â€"œ over fittings

Water cylinder

0.25 inch dia.


1.375 inches


0.625 inches

Parts supplied:- Drawings, 3 O-rings, 2 springs, 6 gun-metal castings (from one, 3 items are produced).