Custom Copper Boilers

Fully CE certified

Copper & Steel TIG welded and fully CE certified Boilers

Maxitrak has a long-standing reputation in the design & manufacture of model locomotives and we are pleased to announce that we are making our own TIG welded boilers. These boilers are fully compliant to 97/23/EC cat 1 & 2 regulations as well as being welded to BS EN 288/287.

All copper TIG welded joints are as strong as the parent material so you don’t get solder deterioration over time, given reasonable care they should last a lifetime!

With over 40 years’ of building and running models, we are unique! We can also build your boiler into your loco for you, make bespoke parts, super heaters, fittings or anything you want!, we are happy to quote on any boiler size from gauge 1 up to full-size TIG welded or silver soldered!

Give us a call for a quote, 01580 890066