5" Gauge Easy Glide Bogie -  Ready to Run
5" Gauge Easy Glide Bogie -  Ready to Run
5" Gauge Easy Glide Bogie -  Ready to Run

5" Gauge Easy Glide Bogie - Ready to Run

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5" Gauge Easyglide bogies. Suited to rolling stock builds and manufactured to a high standard. The bogies have 3 1/4" diameter steel EN8 wheels with dish detail, fully sealed bearings held tight in machined bogie sides so the bearings don't spin in their housings like some inferior brands! The wheels and axels are finished with robust satin chemical black finish to resist rust and keep their scale look. The clearance from the rail is a good height, essential for garden railway setups, 6 suspension springs allows adjustment of weight should you need it. The easy to reach center pivet gives free movement in all lateral and twist direction while not allowing side to side shift. Inboard brakes include four shoes, one on each wheel, as the shoes are inboard there are no unsightly plates and brackets protruding from the bogie, giving you a short bogie overal length but still allowing traditional bogies apperance. All parts are made from steel apart from the nylon rubbing blocks and the wheels are EN8 medium carbon steel to give longevity of life. The easyglide is the best bogie for the garden railway enthusiast.

Wheels: 3 1/4" Dia

wheel base: 7"

bearings: sealed roller

weight rating: 2-3 persons per bogie

Finish: All black with chemical black wheels and axels
Available braked or unbraked.

(Pictured is an unbraked version. Handbrake kit sold seperately)