Stainless Steel Superheater
Stainless Steel Superheater

Stainless Steel Superheater

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Stainless Steel Superheaters, for all sizes of model trains and traction engines.

Complete Superheaters, Wet headers, Spears etc. made to order. Please contact us directly for a quote 0044 (0)1580 893030 or click here

Below are some prices on Superheaters manufactured previously

Stirling Single 5" gauge 2 x radiant with headers (Pictured)  £395.00 inc VAT

Speedy 5" x 5 radiant with headers complete  £655.00 inc VAT

Merchant navy class 5" x 4 with wet headers complete  £480.00 inc VAT

Black 5 3.5" Gauge 4 x radiant spear replacement  £370.00 inc VAT


Please note these are example prices at the time of order. These do not reflect current prices and all superheater orders are quoted individually.